Supreme Floors early years and humble beginnings since 1995 …

Do you know that Supreme Floor’s started in 1995 and is one of Singapore’s first and oldest wood flooring companies around?

The company’s early years began in a humble 4-room HDB flat as Supreme Lion Marketing Pte Ltd. Back then, laminate wood floorings are still relatively unknown in Singapore. Most people were familiar with Parquet floorings with little knowledge of laminate floor. Compare to parquet, laminate floors provide wider range of colours and designs, and are definitely more resilient, scratch proof, water-proof and require lesser maintenance.

Our founder, Jonathan Por read an article that in Europe, laminate floorings were already popularised and he envisioned the same will happen in Asia with a boom. Jonathan contacted several European floor suppliers and soon he found a principal supplier. Our early brand of the laminate floor was imported from Germany.

Going back more than twenty years, emails, internets and not to mention social media marketing were not common at all. To ensure more people are aware of the high-quality Supreme wood floorings, marketing work were done by combing through yellow pages and directory books for designers and contractors’ contacts. One by one in the HDB office, we will call them for their interest in our floorings, and explain to them what is laminate wood floorings. Brochures and pamphlets will then be snail mail to those who are interested, and appointments arranged.

It wasn’t easy initially as Supreme received many rejections and have difficulty in cashflow. That said, Jonathan and his wife Grace and other founding and early members of the company persist on and achieve success thereafter.

Our wood flooring was later rebranded to Supreme Floors in the late 1990s. And in just a matter of few years, Supreme Floors become the No. 1 and largest wood flooring brand in Singapore. Almost everyone in the renovation sector knows about laminate wood flooring and Supreme Floors. The company also received many awards, but our pride is derived from the good quality flooring and good services we provided, acknowledged and appreciated by our customers. Staffs of Supreme are all very passionate and that is how “we love our floors” slogan was created.  

The founders and directors of Supreme are also extremely transparent and unselfish in their sharing of knowledge and business skills, treating all the staffs as family members. Go ask any veterans in this industry, and most will acknowledge that Supreme Floors is unquestionably the pioneer and liken to the training school of wood flooring. This unselfish nature of the founding members has greatly benefited many people within the industry and also help the sector the grow rapidly.

Today, for more than two decades, thousands and thousands of residential houses and also commercial offices were installed with Supreme Floors and we are really proud to be your No.1 wood flooring supplier!