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laminate flooring


Our Laminate Flooring

Supreme Floors’ laminate flooring uses advanced print technology on high density fibreboards to mimic the look of natural hardwood. The finished product is then protected with an extremely hard coating made of a special resin containing aluminium oxide for increased durability.

Manufactured from approved forest trees, our laminate flooring is an environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood floors, and comes at a fraction of the cost and installation time.

As a testament to Supreme Floors' efforts towards the environment, Supreme Laminate Flooring was awarded the Green Label in December 2010, officially marking it as an environmentally friendly product.



1. Elite Range (12mm)

The Elite range boasts of 12mm thick panels for a firm feel, as well as a "V" grove that gives the natural look and feel of solid wood. It's unique "R" click locking system ensures your floors remain gap-free for life.


SC 520 - Oxford Wenge  SC 536 - Mocha Oak  SC 522 - Country Oak  SC 526 - Raffles Oak  SC 528 - Classic Merbau  SC 530 - Montreal Oak  SC 532 - Irish Oak  SC 538 - Champagne Teak 

Oxford Wenge

SC 520

Mocha Oak

SC 536

Country Oak

SC 522

Raffles Oak

Out of Stock

Classic Merbau

SC 528

Montreal Oak

SC 530

Irish Oak

Out of Stock

Champagne Teak

Out of Stock

 Everest Oak - Laminate Flooring  White Wash Oak  Momento Oak Flooring  Exotic Oak Flooring  Snowy Teak flooring      

Everest Oak

SC 521  New Western Oak flooring

White Wash Oak

SC 523  New Western Oak flooring

Momento Oak

SC 535  New Western Oak flooring

Exotic Oak

SC 540 New Western Oak flooring

Snowy Teak

SC 550  New Western Oak flooring




2. Exclusive Range (8mm)

Representing the top-of-the-line in laminate flooring, the Exclusive Range adds a touch of class to any space while providing heightened stability and protection against wear and tear.

The Exclusive range is the crème-de-la-crème of our laminate flooring products. With a stronger top coating, it offers our customers the ultimate in feel, stability and increased durability and protection against wear and tear. A pleasure to walk on, the Exclusive range is also delightful visually as it adds a touch of class to any space, big or small. 

Forest Oak  Classic Ebong  Zebrano  Congo Wenge  Tropical Merbau  Summer Beech  Snowy Teak 

Forest Oak

SC 451

Classic Ebony

Out of Stock


Out of Stock

Congo Wenge

SC 428

Tropical Merbau 

SC 430

Summer Beech

Out of Stock

Snowy Teak

SC 450 

 African Wenge  Cabana Wenge  Exotic oak flooring  Western Oak Flooring  Lodge Pine Flooring  Iced Pine Flooring  Momento Oak flooring

African Wenge

SC 485 

Cabana Wenge  

SC 453

Exotic Oak

SC 440 New Western Oak flooring

Western Oak

SC 415 New Western Oak flooring

Lodge Pine

SC 422 New Western Oak flooring

Iced Pine

SC 434 New Western Oak flooring

Momento Oak

SC 435 New Western Oak flooring



3. Executive Range (8mm)

As flooring is a long-term (and possibly lifetime) investment for many, durability is a key consideration. The Executive Range of laminate flooring comes with Superior Water Resistant Quality Hardwood HDF. Not only it is tougher, but also boasts of an extensive range of colour choices.

 Campagne Teak Canyon Ash  SC327 - Stamford Maple Laminate Flooring  Kingston Acacia  Bali chengal     

Campagne Teak  

SC 316

Canyon Ash

Out of Stock

Stamford Maple 

SC 327

Kingston Acacia  

SC 321

Bali Chengal

SC 322 

Terresse Walnut

SC 334  New Western Oak flooring








4. Elegance Range (12mm) SOLD OUT

Harnessing the innovative VALINGE locking system, the Elegance range comes in 12mm thickness, complete with V-grooves for an excellent natural look that is similar to the engineered wood and solid timber flooring.

Champagne Lily  Spring Lotus  African Rose  Summer Blossom  Safari Sunset  Winter Poppy  Autumn Tulip  Night Shade 

Champagne Lily 

SC 106

Spring Lotus

SC 108 

African Rose

SC 111 

Summer Blossom  

SC 118

Safari Sunset

SC 122 

Winter Poppy

SC 133 

Autumn Tulip

SC 168 

Night Shade  

SC 155


5. Essential Range (8mm)

With all the qualities necessary for attractive, durable yet affordable flooring, the Essential range is an investment for the value-savvy. Made of high HDF with a moisture-resistant top layer, this range offers an excellent selection of colour options - all in a beautiful natural wood finish.

Amazon Pythm  Tibetan Pony - Laminate Flooring Silver Shark   Wild Boar  Oriental Maple  Rustic Oak  Winter Wolf  Snow Walnut 

Amazon Python 

SC 204

Tibetan Pony

SC 205

Silver Shark  

SC 206

Wild Boar

SC 208 

Oriental Maple

Out of Stock

Rustic Oak  

SC 228

Winter Wolf


Snow Walnut

SC 238

 Jaguar SC 268 - Golden Cherry  SC 298 - White Roo Laminate Flooring Morning Mist wood flooring  Autumn Fox wood flooring   Night panther wood flooring  Brown cobra wood flooring  


SC 241

Golden Cherry

SC 268

White Roo

SC 298

Morning Mist

LS015 New Western Oak flooring

Autumn Fox

SC 218 New Western Oak flooring

Night Panther

SC 280 New Western Oak flooring

Brown Cobra

SC 288New Western Oak flooring

Asian Teak

SC 229 New Western Oak flooring







To give our clients the best experiences and satisfaction with our laminate flooring, all our Executive, Exclusive and Elite ranges are wax coated using top quality eco-friendly wax.