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Learn more about us & know why our products are the ‘Most Highly Desired’ & sought after by Homeowners, Commercial, Project & Main Contractors.

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IONWOOD@SUPREME FLOORS Supreme Floor Laminate Supreme Floor Engineered Floor Outdoor Decking
The One and Only Wood Flooring in Singapore that emits Negative Ions.. Know more Our Laminate Floors are Scratch-Resistant, Not cold to the touch, Reduce impact of falls, & Maintenance-free.. know more Our Engineered Wood gives better Stability & Value, Faster installation and Odourless.. know more  Our Outdoor Decking are more Durable, No nail holes, Non-slip, and with Constant tonality.. know more
Vinyl Flooring  Solid timber  
Vinyl flooring is best known for handling heavy foot traffic excellently, without wearing...Know more Our Solid Wood is Comfortable, Sturdy & Cozy with a Variety of species selection...know more Click here to view or download our Supreme Floors brochure. Click here to view or download our Ionwood brochure.

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  • An Award Winning Brand and Specialist in Wood Flooring
  • We are the Wood Flooring Experts and Market Leaders in Singapore since 2000
  • Our Products are Eco-Friendly
  • In-House Workers
  • A One-stop place for All the Widest Range of Wood Flooring Products
  • High Quality Products using advanced technology
  • Friendly, Committed & Warm Service
  • Life-Time Warranty

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Established in 1995, Supreme Floors is Singapore's No. 1 Wood Flooring Brand. We are one of the biggest names in laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring across the Asia Pacific with a global clientele. Beside our extensive range, the high quality and durability of our products are the reasons why people choose Supreme Floors. Hence to ensure that we have total control over the design and production process, we have our own manufacturing bases where we employ only the best technologies to produce our products.